TNA CandiAles - NO ONE CAN "Drink Just One"...

About Black Ty Brewing Company:

My name is Ty Armstrong Sr,  
and i have been micro-brewing all types
of craft-beers & teas since 2002 to present.

TNA CandyBeers, are the first unique beers to be brewed in the
"United States" and has never been sold in Stores,
Restaurants, Local Beer Pubs or SLO Nightclubs anywhere.                    

Our Mission: To Own/Operate My Own Nano Brew-house In SLO, CA.
I am the original creator/brewer of "TNA Hard Candy Ales & SLO Comfort Sparkling Teas" .

This Unique & Delicious Beer Was Invented For Those Who Really Don't Like The "Bitter" Taste Of Today's Beers On Their Supermarket Shelves..

I have brewed this unique beer for myself, family, and friends for the last 5 years, brewing seasonal 5 gallon vats in the Fall/Spring/Summer months. With so
much positive feedback from family and friends & events about the unique taste and flavor of my delicious beers, i have decided to establish this website in the hopes of starting my own local Micro Brewery.


Our Beers  contain everything from fresh exotic fruits, to unique teas, our special "In-House" candy infusions make our "unique and delicious" beers truly special. No one in the brewing industry today has done what we do at TNA Candybeers, i truly believe that this set's us apart from the rest of the U.S Craft Beer Industry.


Meet Judy Barsamian-Armstrong - CEO - SLO Comfort Sparkling Teas:

Micro-Brewed locally in "The Happiest City In America," San Luis Obispo, CA. Our Sparkling Teas are blended using the finest specialty Teas blends in the world. We combine Clean Filtered Water, Fresh Tropical Fruits, Black Tea, Natural flavors and our Co2 Carbonation process which creates Sparkling Refreshment to a thirsty palate.


11th Annual California Wine Festival - Santa Barbara - Sat, July 19, 2014 in Santa Barbara - 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Our unique & delicious Candybeers, Wine, Food, Music, Sun and Sea. Experience the quintessential California wine tasting and enjoy hundreds of California's finest vintage wines, delicious gourmet foods samples and lively music. Discover new wines & beers, find a new favorite and pair it with a dizzying variety of fresh gourmet appetizers like artisan breads, cheeses, olive oils and so much more. Enjoy an afternoon of wine, craftbeer, food and music in Santa Barbara – at the best wine festival under the sun!

We Donate Pour At Your Local Non-Profit Event!!!

TNA CandyBeers are proud to announce that we have recieved a bronze medal for our TNA Passionate Mango Fruit CandiAle...

Check Out Our Latest Article In "Cuisine Noir Magazine"


TNA CandyBeers Will Do A Charity Pour For UCP On Friday, March 9, 2012 At Slo Vets Hall From 6-9pm - See U There..!

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